Quickly grow your YouTube channel audience by effortlessly publishing dozens of short videos.

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With FXCLIPS, you can easily create short faceless videos at no cost and with minimal time.

  • Create very eye-catching short videos from images, text, and audio.

  • You don't need a camera or to use your own image.

  • You don't need to sign up for any service or pay monthly fees.

  • Create videos on any topic and in any style using images and backgrounds generated with Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo, Dall-E, or any other artificial intelligence tool.

  • Use any of our 16 available templates or easily create your own.

So far, it sounds good, right? Now here's the best part!

  • FXCLIPS has no interface, only a button to choose the folder where your images are located and another to generate your videos.

  • Everything has been reduced to the essential minimum: create a folder, place the image files you need in it,

  • If you want to use a predefined template name your folder ending with, for example, _t001 to use template 1, _t002 for template 2 and so on...

Choose the images that your template needs

Put them into a folder

Select the folder in FXCLIPS application

Your video is ready!

  • If you don't want to use a predefined template, you can create your own by writing simple instructions in a txt file within the folder alongside your images.

  • Do you want to create 50 videos? Other expensive software has sophisticated interfaces with dozens of options, buttons, and menus. This means that to create each video, you have to repeat the same steps, clicks, and mouse operations for each video. With FXCLIPS, create 50 folders, each with the images and text you need, and click on the folder that contains them all to have your 50 videos.

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